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201201Best Mentoring Practices of Design Education at the Design High School Level and Instructional ResourcesLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE350
201501Design and the Design Museums' Role in Culture and Society - Three Distinguished Case Study as the Exemplars of the Design Museums -Lee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE526
201710Design Museums Experiencing and Seeking Practicality with Aesthetic ValueLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE291
201407Dialogue and carnival: understanding visitors' engagement in design museumsJun, Soojin; Lee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE470
201808Education and support for non-design major students using the Sprint Method in design thinking projectsLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE59
201002Education in the new millennium: The case for design-based learningLee, Hyun-Kyung; Breitenberg, M.ARTICLE444
201710From Sketch to Screen, from Scratch to CompetenceLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE168
201608IFT46 plays crucial roles in craniofacial and cilia developmentPark, Inji; Lee, Hyun-Kyung; Kim, Chowon; Ismail, Tayaba; Kim, Yoo-Kyung; Park, Jeen-Woo; Kwon, Oh-Sik; Kang, Beom-Sik; Lee, Dong-Seok; Park, Tae Joo; Park, Mae-Ja; Choi, Sun-Cheol; Lee, Hyun-ShikARTICLE368
201806KDM1A microenvironment, its oncogenic potential, and therapeutic significanceIsmail, Tayaba; Lee, Hyun-Kyung; Kim, Chowon; Kwon, Taejoon; Park, Tae Joo; Lee, Hyun-ShikARTICLE65
201801Nature Artists, Design Researchers and Scientists Collaborate on a Resource Scarcity Research Lab that Doubles as a Public Art InstallationLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE195
201708Peroxiredoxin1, a novel regulator of pronephros development, influences retinoic acid and Wnt signaling by controlling ROS levelsChae, Soomin; Lee, Hyun-Kyung; Kim, Yoo-Kyung; Sim, Hyo Jung; Ji, Yoorim; Kim, Chowon; Ismail, Tayaba; Park, Jeen-Woo; Kwon, Oh-Shin; Kand, Beom-Seok; Bae, Jong-Sup; Kim, Sang-Hyun; Min, Kyoung-Jin; Kwon, Taeg Kyu; Park, Mae-Ja; Han, Jin-Kwan; Kwon, Taejoon; Park, Tae-Joo; Lee, Hyun-ShikARTICLE279
201809Peroxiredoxin5 controls vertebrate ciliogenesis by modulating mitochondrial ROSJi, Yurim; Chae, Soomin; Lee, Hyun-Kyung; Park, Inji; Kim, Chowon; Ismail, Tayaba; Kim, Youni; Park, Jeen-Woo; Kwon, Oh-Shin; Kang, Beom-Sik; Lee, Dong-Seok; Bae, Jong-Sub; Kim, Sang-Hyun; Moon, Pyung-Gon; Baek, Moon-Chang; Park, Mae-Ja; Kil, In Sup; Rhee, Sue Goo; Kim, Joon; Huh, Yang Hoon; Shin, Jong-Yeon; Min, Kyoung-Jin; Kwon, Taeg Kyu; Jang, Dong Gil; Woo, Hyun Ae; Kwon, Taejoon; Park, Tae Joo; Lee, Hyun-ShikARTICLE26
201811Prototyping and Case Study of Sustainable and Ergonomic Toilet DesignLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE175
201704Recent Strategy & Characteristic of Worldwide Design MuseumsLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE189
201809Revitalising Traditional Street Markets in Rural Korea: Design Thinking and Sense‐Making MethodologyLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE260
200912Role of museums in managing design education: a case studyLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE351
201701Science Walden: Exploring the Convergence of Environmental Technologies with Design and ArtLee, Hyun-Kyung; Cho, Kyung Hwa; Lee, Changsoo; Cho, Jaeweon; Yi, Huiyuhl; Seo, Yongwon; Cho, Gi-Hyoug; Kwon, Young-Nam; Lee, Changha; Paek, Kyong-MiARTICLE577
201704Social Creativity and Design Thinking: Developing Foundation Courses in Undergraduate Transdisciplinary Design EducationLee, Hyun-Kyung; Jun, SoojinARTICLE340
201610The usability attributes and evaluation measurements of mobile media AR (augmented reality)Lee, Woon-Hyung; Lee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE269
2014경영학 전공자를 위한 창의/디자인교육에 대한 만족도 분석Lee, Hyun-Kyung; Lee Sang-Won ARTICLE557
Showing results 1 to 20 of 25