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201101Abundance of denitrifying genes coding for nitrate (narG), nitrite (nirS), and nitrous oxide (nosZ) reductases in estuarine versus wastewater effluent-fed constructed wetlandsChon, Kyongmi; Chang, Jin-Soo; Lee, Eunkyung; Lee, Jinwook; Ryu, Jiyoung; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE439
201609Application of nanofiltration pretreatment to remove divalent ions for economical seawater reverse osmosis desalinationPark, Minho; Park, Jongkwan; Lee, Eunkyung; Khim, Jeehyeong; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE545
201003Biofouling characteristics using flow field-flow fractionation: Effect of bacteria and membrane propertiesLee, Eunkyung; Shon, H. K.; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE363
200803Boron removal from seawater using NF and RO membranes, and effects of boron on HEK 293 human embryonic kidney cell with respect to toxicitiesSarp, Sarper; Lee, Sungyun; Ren, Xianghao; Lee, Eunkyung; Chon, Kyongmi; Choi, Seok Ho; Kim, Suhan; Kim, In S.; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE426
200803Characterization of marine organic matters and heavy metals with respect to desalination with RO and NF membranesLee, Sungyun; Lee, Eunkyung; Ra, Jinsung; Lee, Byungcheon; Kim, Suhan; Choi, Seok Ho; Kim, Sang Don; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE306
201408Comparison of drinking water pollutant removal using a nanofiltration pilot plant powered by renewable energy and a conventional treatment facilityGarcia-Vaquero, N.; Lee, Eunkyung; Jimenez Castaneda, R.; Cho, Jaeweon; Lopez-Ramirez, J. A.ARTICLE407
201703Developing a large-volume preparative method using a handmade HPLC column to fractionate dissolved organic matterPark, Jongkwan; Chon, Kyongmi; Lee, Eunkyung; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE352
200803Efficient removals of tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate (TCEP) and perchlorate using NF membrane filtrationsLee, Sungyun; Quyet, N.; Lee, Eunkyung; Kim, Suhan; Lee, Sangyoup; Jung, Young D.; Choi, Seok Ho; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE408
200910Enhanced or reduced concentration polarization by membrane fouling in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) processesKim, Suhan; Lee, Sungyun; Lee, Eunkyung; Sarper, Sarp; Kim, Chung-Hwan; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE378
201407Role of wetland organic matters as photosensitizer for degradation of micropollutants and metabolitesLee, Eunkyung; Shon, Ho Kyong; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE387
201809Sorption of pharmaceuticals to soil organic matter in a constructed wetland by electrostatic interactionPark, Jongkwan; Cho, Kyung Hwa; Lee, Eunkyung; Lee, Sungyun; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE353
200903Uncertainty in organic matter analysis for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalinationKim, Suhan; Chon, Kangmin; Kim, Sun Jin; Lee, Sungyun; Lee, Eunkyung; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE380
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12