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200906A solution to the accuracy/robustness dilemma in impedance controlKang, Sang Hoon; Jin, Maolin; Chang, Pyung HunARTICLE304
2004Active compliance control for the rehabilitation robot with cable driven transmissionKang, Sang Hoon; Chang, Pyung Hun; Park, Hyung-SoonARTICLE363
201707Automatic Gain Tuning for Robust PID Control Using Time-Delay ControlJin, Maolin; Lee, Jun Young; Chang, Pyung-Hun; Kim, Min-Gyu; Kang, Sang HoonARTICLE46
201707Changes of Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist Stiffness Matrix Post StrokeZhang, Li-Qun; Son, Jongsang; Park, Hyung-Soon; Kang, Sang Hoon; Lee, Yunju; Ren, YupengARTICLE97
201407Characterizations of reflex and nonreflex changes in spastic multiple sclerosisZhang, Li-Qun; Chen, Kai; Kang, Sang Hoon; Silwa, James A.; Brcuce A. Cohen; Rymer, WZ; Wang, LiangARTICLE406
201305Developing a multi-joint upper limb exoskeleton robot for diagnosis, therapy and outcome evaluation in neurorehabilitationRen, Yupeng; Kang, Sang Hoon; Park, Hyung-Soon; Wu, Yi-Ning; Zhang, Li-QunARTICLE388
201708EMG-Based Continuous and Simultaneous Estimation of Arm Kinematics in Able-Bodied Individuals and Stroke SurvivorsLiu, Jie; Kang, Sang Hoon; Xu, Dali; Ren, Yupeng; Lee, Song Joo; Zhang, Li-QunARTICLE41
201404Impingement analysis with 3-D geometric characterizations of ACL pseudofibers and intercondylar notchFung, David T.; Lee, Song Joo; Ren, Yupeng; Kang, Sang Hoon; Liu, Shu Q.; Zhang, Li-QunARTICLE379
201705In Vivo Estimation of Human Forearm and Wrist Dynamic PropertiesPark, Kyungbin; Chang, Pyung-Hun; Kang, Sang HoonARTICLE215
200403Integration of a rehabilitation robotic system (KARES II) with human-friendly man-machine interaction unitsBien, Zeungnam; Chung, MYUNG-JIN; Chang, PYUNG-HUN; Kwon, DONG-SOO; Kim, DAE-JIN; Han, JEONG-SU; Kim, JAE-HEAN; Kim, DO-HYUNG; Park, HYUNG-SOON; Kang, Sang Hoon; Lee, KYOOBIN; Lim, SOO-CHULARTICLE386
201504Pivoting neuromuscular control and proprioception in females and malesLee, Song Joo; Ren, Yupeng; Kang, Sang Hoon; Geiger, Francois; Zhang, Li-QunARTICLE378
201302Position-dependent, hyperexcitable patellar reflex dynamics in chronic strokeYang, Chung-Yong; Guo, Xin; Ren, Yupeng; Kang, Sang Hoon; Zhang, Li-QunARTICLE396
201403Real-time knee adduction moment feedback training using an elliptical trainerKang, Sang Hoon; Lee, Song Joo; Ren, Yupeng; Zhang, Li-QunARTICLE367
201407Real-time tracking of knee adduction moment in patients with knee osteoarthritisKang, Sang Hoon; Lee, Song Joo; Zhang, Li-QunARTICLE630
200412Robust backstepping control using time delay estimationKim, Seong-Tae; Chang, Pyung Hun; Kang, Sang HoonARTICLE286
200801Robust compliant motion control of robot with nonlinear friction using time delay estimationJin, Maolin; Kang, Sang Hoon; Chang, Pyung HunARTICLE284
201710Robust Control of Robot Manipulators Using Inclusive and Enhanced Time Delay ControlJin, Maolin; Kang, Sang Hoon; Chang, Pyung Hun; Lee, JinohARTICLE81
201005Stochastic estimation of human arm impedance under nonlinear friction in robot joints: A model studyChang, Pyung Hun; Kang, Sang HoonARTICLE327
201304Stochastic estimation of human arm impedance using robots with nonlinear frictions: an experimental validationChang, Pyung Hun; Park, Kyungbin; Kang, Sang Hoon; Krebs, Hermano Igo; Hogan, NevilleARTICLE290
201303The anterior deltoid’s importance in reverse shoulder arthroplasty: a cadaveric biomechanical studySchwartz, Daniel G.; Kang, Sang Hoon; Lynch, T. Sean; Edwards, Sara; Nuber, Gordon; Zhang, Li-Qun; Saltzman, MatthewARTICLE407
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20