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200808A method to measure the electron temperature and density of a laser-produced plasma by Raman scatteringJang, H.; Hur, Min Sup; Lee, J. M.; Cho, M. H.; Namkung, W.; Suk, H.ARTICLE363
199803A universal characterization of nonlinear self-oscillation and chaos in various particle-wave-wall interactionsLee, HJ; Lee, JK; Hur, Min Sup; Yang, YARTICLE376
200708Additional focusing of a high-intensity laser beam in a plasma with a density ramp and a magnetic fieldGupta, Devki Nandan; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, HyyongARTICLE409
201706Analyzing the effect of slotted foil on radiation pulse profile in a mode locked afterburner X-ray free electron laserKumar S.; Hur, Min Sup; Chung, MosesARTICLE230
200705Attosecond relativistic electron beam by using an ultrashort laser pulse and a thin plasma layerKulagin, Victor V.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, HyyongARTICLE401
200604Bunching of electron beams by ultra-relativistic laser pulsesKulagin, VV; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H; Cherepenin, VAARTICLE403
201508Chirped pulse Raman amplification in warm plasma: towards controlling saturationYang, Xu; Vieux, Gregory; Brunetti, E; Ersfeld, Bernhard; Farmer, John P; Hur, Min Sup; Isaac, RC; Raj, Gaurav; Wiggins, SM; Welsh, GH; Yoffe, Sam R; Jaroszynski, Dino AARTICLE300
200704Comment on "Electron acceleration by a chirped Gaussian laser pulse in vacuum" [Phys. Plasmas 13, 123108 (2006)]Gupta, D. N.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.ARTICLE374
200605Compression and microbunching of electron beams by ultra-intense laser pulsesKulagin, VV; Cherepenin, VA; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, HARTICLE344
201503Concave pulse shaping of a circularly polarized laser pulse from non-uniform overdense plasmasHur, Min Sup; Victor V. Kulagin; Hyyong SukARTICLE490
201508Control of the charge and energy of the proton beams from a laser-driven double-layer targetKim, Young-Kuk; Cho, Myung-Hoon; Park, Hyung Ju; Jung, Moon Youn; Hur, Min SupARTICLE579
201104Controlling the betatron oscillations of a wakefield-accelerated electron beam by temporally asymmetric laser pulsesNam, Inhyuk; Hur, Min Sup; Uhm, Han Sup; Hafz, Nasr A. M.; Suk, HyyongARTICLE388
201209Controlling the spectrum of high-power terahertz radiation from a laser-driven plasma waveJang, Do-Geun; Kim, Jinju; Nam, Inhyuk; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, HyyongARTICLE433
2014-08CUDA method for the FDTD simulation by GPUHur, Min Sup; Son, WonhakMaster's thesis666
201609Effects of laser polarizations on shock generation and shock ion acceleration in overdense plasmasKim, Young-Kuk; Kang, Teyoun; Jung, Moon Youn; Hur, Min SupARTICLE277
199810Effects of particle trapping and velocity slippage on beam-plasma interactionsLee, HJ; Lee, JK; Bae, I; Hur, Min SupARTICLE480
200901Effects of Scale Length and Transition Density Ratio on the Electron Trapping and Acceleration with a Sharp Density Transition in Laser Wakefield AcceleratorYoo, Seung Hoon; Kim, Jaehoon; Kim, Jong Uk; Hur, Min Sup; Hahn, Sang JuneARTICLE387
201103Effects of the energy spread of secondary electrons in a dc-biased single-surface multipactorHur, Min Sup; Kim, Jung-Il; Kim, Geun-Ju; Jeon, Seok-GyARTICLE477
200607Effects of the frequency detuning in Raman backscattering of infinitely long laser pulses in plasmasHur, Min Sup; Hwang, Ilmoon; Jang, Hyo Jae; Suka, HyyongARTICLE382
200709Electron acceleration by a short laser beam in the presence of a long-wavelength electromagnetic waveGupta, Devki Nanadan; Kumar, Sandeep; Yoon, Moohyun; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, HyyongARTICLE361
Showing results 1 to 20 of 81