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201201Crystallographic orientation and size dependence of tension-compression asymmetry in molybdenum nano-pillarsKim, Ju-Young; Jang, Dongchan; Greer, Julia R.ARTICLE348
200909Emergence of New Mechanical Functionality in Materials via Size ReductionGreer, Julia R.; Jang, Dongchan; Kim, Ju-Young; Burek, Michael J.ARTICLE304
200808Evaluating plastic flow properties by characterizing indentation size effect using a sharp indenterKim, Ju-Young; Kang, Seung-Kyun; Greer, Julia R.; Kwon, DongilARTICLE373
201002Fabrication, structure and mechanical properties of indium nanopillarsLee, Gyuhyon; Kim, Ju-Young; Budiman, Arief Suriadi; Tamura, Nobumichi; Kunz, Martin; Chen, Kai; Burek, Michael J.; Greer, Julia R.; Tsui, Ting Y.ARTICLE490
200804Fundamental differences in mechanical behavior between two types of crystals at the nanoscaleBrinckmann, Steffen; Kim, Ju-Young; Greer, Julia R.ARTICLE1883
200908Insight into the deformation behavior of niobium single crystals under uniaxial compression and tension at the nanoscaleKim, Ju-Young; Jang, Dongchan; Greer, Julia R.ARTICLE357
201112Nanolaminates Utilizing Size-Dependent Homogeneous Plasticity of Metallic GlassesKim, Ju-Young; Jang, Dongchan; Greer, Julia R.ARTICLE401
201107Plastic deformation of indium nanostructuresLee, Gyuhyon; Kim, Ju-Young; Burek, Michael J.; Greer, Julia R.; Tsui, Ting Y.ARTICLE395
200809Size-dependent mechanical properties of molybdenum nanopillarsKim, Ju-Young; Greer, Julia R.ARTICLE392
201208Statistics of Dislocation Slip Avalanches in Nanosized Single Crystals Show Tuned Critical Behavior Predicted by a Simple Mean Field ModelFriedman, Nir; Jennings, Andrew T.; Tsekenis, Georgios; Kim, Ju-Young; Tao, Molei; Uhl, Jonathan T.; Greer, Julia R.; Dahmen, Karin A.ARTICLE378
201205Suppression of catastrophic failure in metallic glass-polyisoprene nanolaminate containing nanopillarsKim, Ju-Young; Gu, Xun; Wraith, Matt; Uhl, Jonathan T.; Dahmen, Karin A.; Greer, Julia R.ARTICLE609
200910Tensile and compressive behavior of gold and molybdenum single crystals at the nano-scaleKim, Ju-Young; Greer, Julia R.ARTICLE340
201004Tensile and compressive behavior of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium at the nanoscaleKim, Ju-Young; Jong, Dongchan; Greer, Julia R.ARTICLE372
200912The In-situ Mechanical Testing of Nanoscale Single-crystalline NanopillarsGreer, Julia R.; Kim, Ju-Young; Burek, Michael J.ARTICLE326
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14