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199708A full-wave numerical simulation of fast wave current drive in tokamak plasma with circular cross sectionChung, Moses; Hong, SH; Cho, SWARTICLE293
201809Acceleration of electrons in the plasma wakefield of a proton bunchAdli, E.; Ahuja, A.; Apsimon, O.; Apsimon, R.; Bachmann, A. -M.; Barrientos, D.; Batsch, F.; Bauche, J.; Olsen, V. K. Berglyd; Bernardini, M.; Bohl, T.; Bracco, C.; Braunmueller, F.; Burt, G.; Buttenschoen, B.; Caldwell, A.; Cascella, M.; Chappell, J.; Chevallay, E.; Chung, Moses; Cooke, D.; Damerau, H.; Deacon, L.; Deubner, L. H.; Dexter, A.; Doebert, S.; Farmer, J.; Fedosseev, V. N.; Fiorito, R.; Fonseca, R. A.; Friebel, F.; Garolfi, L.; Gessner, S.; Gorgisyan, I.; Gorn, A. A.; Granados, E.; Grulke, O.; Gschwendtner, E.; Hansen, J.; Helm, A.; Henderson, J. R.; Huether, M.; Ibison, M.; Jensen, L.; Jolly, S.; Keeble, F.; Kim, S. -Y.; Kraus, F.; Li, Y.; Liu, S.; Lopes, N.; Lotov, K. V.; Brun, L. Maricalva; Martyanov, M.; Mazzoni, S.; Godoy, D. Medina; Minakov, V. A.; Mitchell, J.; Molendijk, J. C.; Moody, J. T.; Moreira, M.; Muggli, P.; Oez, E.; Pasquino, C.; Pardons, A.; Asmus, F. Pena; Pepitone, K.; Perera, A.; Petrenko, A.; Pitman, S.; Pukhov, A.; Rey, S.; Rieger, K.; Ruhl, H.; Schmidt, J. S.; Shalimova, I. A.; Sherwood, P.; Silva, L. O.; Soby, L.; Sosedkin, A. P.; Speroni, R.; Spitsyn, R. I.; Tuev, P. V.; Turner, M.; Velotti, F.; Verra, L.; Verzilov, V. A.; Vieira, J.; Welsch, C. P.; Williamson, B.; Wing, M.; Woolley, B.; Xia, G.ARTICLE34
201308Analysis of continuously rotating quadrupole focusing channels using generalized Courant-Snyder theoryChung, Moses; Qin, Hong; Gilson, Erik P.; Davidson, Ronald C.ARTICLE375
201404Analytical methods for describing charged particle dynamics in general focusing lattices using generalized Courant-Snyder theoryQin, Hong; Davidson, Ronald C.; Burby, Joshua W.; Chung, MosesARTICLE394
201706Analyzing the effect of slotted foil on radiation pulse profile in a mode locked afterburner X-ray free electron laserKumar S.; Hur, Min Sup; Chung, MosesARTICLE232
201801AWAKE readiness for the study of the seeded self-modulation of a 400 GeV proton bunchMuggli, P.; Adli, E.; Apsimon, R.; Asmus, F.; Baartman, R.; Bachmann, A.-M.; Barros Marin, M.; Batsch, F.; Bauche, J.; Berglyd Olsen, V.K.; Bernardini, M.; Biskup, B.; Vinuela, E.B.; Boccardi, A.; Bogey, T.; Bohl, T.; Bracco, C.; Braunmuller, F.; Burger, S.; Burt, G.; Bustamante, S.; Buttenschön, B.; Butterworth, A.; Caldwell, A.; Cascella, M.; Chevallay, E.; Chung, Moses; Damerau, H.; Deacon, L.; Dexter, A.; Dirksen, P.; Doebert, S.; Farmer, J.; Fedosseev, V.; Feniet, T.; Fior, G.; Fiorito, R.; Fonseca, R.; Friebel, F.; Gander, P.; Gessner, S.; Gorgisyan, I.; Gorn, A.A.; Grulke, O.; Gschwendtner, E.; Guerrero, A.; Hansen, J.; Hessler, C.; Hofle, W.; Holloway, J.; Hüther, M.; Ibison, M.; Islam, M.R.; Jensen, L.; Jolly, S.; Kasim, M.; Keeble, F.; Kim, S.-Y.; Kraus, F.; Lasheen, A.; Lefevre, T.; Legodec, G.; Li, Y.; Liu, S.; Lopes, N.; Lotov, K.V.; Martyanov, M.; Mazzoni, S.; Medina Godoy, D.; Mete, O.; Minakov, V.A.; Mompo, R.; Moody, J.; Moreira, M.T.; Mitchell, J.; Mutin, C.; Norreys, P.; Öz, E.; Ozturk, E.; Pauw, W.; Pardons, A.; Pasquino, C.; Pepitone, K.; Petrenko, A.; Pitmann, S.; Plyushchev, G.; Pukhov, A.; Rieger, K.; Ruhl, H.; Schmidt, J.; Shalimova, I.A.; Shaposhnikova, E.; Sherwood, P.; Silva, L.; Sosedkin, A.P.; Speroni, R.; Spitsyn, R.I.; Szczurek, K.; Thomas, J.; Tuev, P.V.; Turner, M.; Verzilov, V.; Vieira, J.; Vincke, H.; Welsch, C.P.; Williamson, B.; Wing, M.; Xia, G.; Zhang, H.ARTICLE175
2017-08Beam Diagnostics Using a Vibrating Wire MonitorChung, Moses; Choe, Dong-NyungMaster's thesis195
201501Beam envelope calculations in general linear coupled latticesChung, Moses; Qin, Hong; Groening, Lars; Davidson, Ronald C.; Xiao, ChenARTICLE413
201806Carbonic anhydrase II microcrystals suitable for XFEL studiesLomelino, Carrie L.; Kim, Jin Kyun; Lee, Cheol; Lim, Seon Woo; Andring, Jacob T.; Mahon, Brian P.; Chung, Moses; Kim, Chae Un; McKenna, RARTICLE112
201712Characterization of the Goubau line for testing beam diagnostic instrumentsKim, S. Y.; Stulle, F.; Sung, C. K.; Yoo, K. H.; Seok, J.; Moon, K. J.; Choi, C. U.; Chung, Y.; Kim, G.; Woo, H. J.; Kwon, J.; Lee, I. G.; Choi, EunMi; Chung, MosesARTICLE154
200707Conditions for minimization of halo particle production during transverse compression of intense ion charge bunches in the Paul Trap Simulator Experiment (PTSX)Gilson, Erik P.; Chung, Moses; Davidson, Ronald C.; Dorf, Mikhail; Efthimion, Philip C.; Grote, David P.; Majeski, Richard; Startsev, Edward A.ARTICLE355
201801Control of the diocotron instability of a hollow electron beam with periodic dipole magnetsJo, YH; Kim, JS; Stancari, G; Chung, Moses; Lee, HJARTICLE175
201111Control of Vortex Merging Induced From Diocotron Instability Using Rotating-Wall Electric FieldsChung, Seung Il; Yun, Hyun Jin; Shim, Seung Bo; Chung, Moses; Lee, Hae JuneARTICLE402
2018-02Development of a Simulation Code for High-Power CyclotronsChung, Moses; Choi, Chul UnMaster's thesis142
201710Development of an EBIS charge breeder for the Rare Isotope Science ProjectSon, Hyock-Jun; Park, Young-Ho; Kondrashev, Sergey; Kim, Jongwon; Lee, Bong Ju; Chung, MosesARTICLE186
201710Effects of Scanning Speed on the Laser Beam Profile Measurements by Vibrating WireArutunian, S.G.; Harutynyan G.S.; Choe, Dongnyung; Chung, Moses; Lazareva, E.G.; Margaryan, A.V.ARTICLE103
201607Envelope Hamiltonian for charged-particle dynamics in general linear coupled systemsChung, Moses; Qin, Hong; Davidson, Ronald C.ARTICLE278
200905Experimental investigation of random noise-induced beam degradation in high-intensity accelerators using a linear Paul trapChung, Moses; Gilson, Erik P.; Davidson, Ronald C.; Efthimion, Philip C.; Majeski, RichardARTICLE299
201412Experimental Proof of Adjustable Single-Knob Ion Beam Emittance PartitioningGroening, L; Maier, M; Xiao, C; Dahl, L; Gerhard, P; Kester, OK; Mickat, S; Vormann, H; Vossberg, M; Chung, MosesARTICLE394
200605Experimental simulations of beam propagation over large distances in a compact linear Paul trapChung, Moses; Erik P. Gilson; Ronald C. Davidson; Mikhail Dorf; Philip C. Efthimion; Richard MajeskiARTICLE247
Showing results 1 to 20 of 45