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2018043D printing of shape-conformable thermoelectric materials using all-inorganic Bi2Te3-based inksKim, Fredrick; Kwon, Beomjin; Eom, Youngho; Lee, Ji Eun; Park, Sangmin; Jo, Seungki; Park, Sung Hoon; Kim, Bong-Seo; Im, Hye Jin; Lee, Min Ho; Min, Tae Sik; Kim, Kyung Tae; Chae, Han Gi; King, William P.; Son, Jae SungARTICLE432
200511A comparison of reinforcement efficiency of various types of carbon nanotubes in polyacrylonitrile fiberChae, Han Gi; Sreekumar, T.V.; Uchida, Tetsuya; Kumar, SatishARTICLE455
200804Carbon nanotube dispersion and exfoliation in polypropylene and structure and properties of the resulting compositesLee, Geon-Woong; Jagannathan, Sudhakar; Chae, Han Gi; Minus, Marilyn L.; Kumar, SatishARTICLE448
200903Carbon nanotube reinforced small diameter polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiberChae, Han Gi; Choi, Young Ho; Minus, Marilyn L.; Kumar, SatishARTICLE417
2018-08Carbonization Study of Cellulose Nanocrystals and Super Engineering Plastic Based Nano Composite FibersChae, Han Gi; Son, SungMinMaster's thesis35
201508Development of single filament testing procedure for polyacrylonitrile precursor and polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibersLyons, Kevin M.; Newcomb, Bradley A.; McDonald, Kenneth J.; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE494
201406Effect of carbon nanotubes on sintering behavior of alumina prepared by sol-gel methodLiu, Yaodong; Chae, Han Gi; Choi, Young Ho; Kumar, SatishARTICLE402
201704Effect of high-shear mixing by twin-screw extruder on the dispersion and homogeneity of polyacrylonitrile/carbon nanotube composite solutionYan, Xuejia; Dong, Hongming; Xiao, Zhiwei; Liu, Yaodong; Liu, Tao; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE143
200405Effect of methyl substitution of the ethylene unit on the physical properties of poly(butylene succinate)Chae, Han Gi; Park, Sun Ho; Kim, Byoung Chul; Kim, Dong KookARTICLE357
200107Effect of molecular weight and branch structure on the crystallization and rheological properties of poly(butylene adipate)Chae, Han Gi; Kim, Byoung Chul; Im, Seung Soon; Han, Yang KyooARTICLE384
201507Effect of processing conditions on the dispersion of carbon nanotubes in polyacrylonitrile solutionsYan, Xuejia; Dong, Hongming; Liu, Yaodong; Newcomb, Bradley A.; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, Satish; Xiao, Zhiwei; Liu, TaoARTICLE827
200201Enhancement of the dimensional stability of poly(ethylene-2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate) filament by multistep zone annealing spinningChae, Han Gi; Chae, Dong Wook; Kim, Byoung Chul; Seo, Seung WonARTICLE375
201310Functional polymer-polymer/carbon nanotube bi-component fibersChien, An-Ting; Gulgunje, Prabhakar V.; Chae, Han Gi; Joshi, Aniruddha S.; Moon, Jaeyun; Feng, Bo; Peterson, G.P.; Kumar, SatishARTICLE471
201111Gel-spun carbon nanotubes/polyacrylonitrile composite fibers. Part I: Effect of carbon nanotubes on stabilizationLiu, Yaodong; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE376
201111Gel-spun carbon nanotubes/polyacrylonitrile composite fibers. Part II: Stabilization reaction kinetics and effect of gas environmentLiu, Yaodong; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE348
201111Gel-spun carbon nanotubes/polyacrylonitrile composite fibers. Part III: Effect of stabilization conditions on carbon fiber propertiesLiu, Yaodong; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE388
201301Graphene nanoribbons as an advanced precursor for making carbon fiberXiang, Changsheng; Behabtu, Natnael; Liu, Yaodong; Chae, Han Gi; Young, Colin C.; Genorio, Bostjan; Tsentalovich, Dmitri E.; Zhang, Chenguang; Kosynkin, Dmitry V.; Lomeda, Jay R.; Hwang, Chih-Chau; Kumar, Satish; Pasquali, Matteo; Tour, James M.ARTICLE399
201511High resolution transmission electron microscopy study on polyacrylonitrile/carbon nanotube based carbon fibers and the effect of structure development on the thermal and electrical conductivitiesNewcomb, Bradley A.; Giannuzzi, Lucille; Lyons, Kevin M.; Gulgunje, Prabhakar V.; Gupta, Kishor K.; Liu, Yaodong; Kamath, Manjeshwar G.; McDonald, Kenneth J.; Moon, Jaeyun; Feng, Bo; Peterson, G. P.; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE353
201511High strength and high modulus carbon fibersChae, Han Gi; Newcomb, Bradley A.; Gulgunje, Prabhakar V.; Liu, Yaodong; Gupta, Kishor K.; Kamath, Manjeshwar G.; Lyons, Kevin M.; Ghoshal, Sushanta; Pramanik, Chandrani; Giannuzzi, Lucille; Sahin, Korhan; Chasiotis, Ioannis; Kumar, SatishARTICLE703
201410High strength micron size carbon fibers from polyacrylonitrile-carbon nanotube precursorsSahin, Korhan; Fasanella, Nicholas A.; Chasiotis, Ioannis; Lyons, Kevin M.; Newcomb, Bradley A.; Kamath, Manjeshwar G.; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE438
Showing results 1 to 20 of 53